CPIM Certified Members

Today is Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We would like to congratulate the following 33 CPIM members of the APICS Austin Chapter. Certification data is supplied to the chapter by APICS on a monthly basis but based on the timing of the data upload, communications with the testing service and other factors results may not be available on a timely basis.

If you have questions about your certification status, call APICS @ 800-444-2742.

This list does not include:

Name Company 
James Brauch CPIM CIRM  
Brian Cline CPIM DJO Surgical 
Wayne Collins CPIM CSCP APICS-Austin 
Eric Cooper CPIM  
Doug Cowan CPIM 3M Company 
Harold Daniels CPIM Firefly LED Lighting 
Soli Engineer CPIM  
Melissa Gauna CPIM ATMI Inc 
John Goodrich CPIM Business Technology Associates 
Larry Hall CPIM Dell Computer Corporation 
Michael Hammond CPIM  
Denise Hansen CPIM CSCP Philips 
Janet Herber CPIM Philips 
Courtney Hubbard CPIM DJO Surgical 
Robert Hughes CPIM  
Mark Hunt CPIM  
Gregory Kaseeska CPIM CSCP GK Universal Home Inventory LL 
Jeffrey Kunkel CPIM C-FAN 
Douglas Miles CPIM ETS-Lindgren 
Edward Minning CPIM Bench Tree 
Alex Monroe CPIM MKS Instruments 
Ernest Nahay CPIM CSCP  
Lisa Perry CPIM ClearOrbit 
John Peterson CPIM Baxter Planning Systems 
Neal Pierce CPIM Capgemini 
Stuart Pitts CPIM Austin Energy 
Christopher Smith CPIM  
Debra Smith CPIM 3M Incorporated 
Kunal Varia CPIM  
Carolyn Watts CPIM CFAN 
Steve Whaley CPIM Superconductor Technologies 
Lisa Wight LaMarre CPIM  
Heather Zacharias CPIM Apple 

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